Improved Taste & Mouthfeel

For over 150 years, Mafco Worldwide has been the world’s leading manufacturer of natural* plant-based licorice products used in a wide range of taste solutions and applications. Our Magna-Brands™ lines of products made with natural ingredients have been making the world a tastier place! We deliver extraordinary and versatile masking agents, sweetness intensifiers and extenders, and flavor enhancers.

Mafco Is The Global Leader in Licorice Extracts & Pure Derivatives of Glycyrrhiza Products and Customizable Taste and Mouthfeel Solutions. A trusted global supplier since 1850, providing our customers with innovative and customized solutions that fit their needs for food, beverage, pharma, sports nutrition, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, and personal care applications. As an R&D/Customer-centric organization, we take a collaborative team approach to servicing our customer’s needs. Technology, research, and creative development define our group at our new state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Natural* Taste Solutions, Customized to Your Development Needs

Magna-Brands™ are natural*, non-GMO and cost-effective solutions—and now can be modified to specifically address your unique product development challenges, goals, and requirements. With our new R&D-centric process, we are able to customize our formulas with natural ingredients to deliver the optimum taste functionality desired.

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Our Collaborative R&D Process

Mafco Worldwide, a leading flavor application company, is committed to maintaining our strong foundation of exceptional products and excellent customer service. Whether through your dedicated Account Manager or our user-friendly website, you can easily select the branded product that best suits your application.

Furthermore, our new Collaborative R&D Process ensures that if our existing products don’t meet your precise taste requirements initially, our team of skilled scientists will work closely with you to create a customized solution that exceeds your expectations. Rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering on your specific taste preferences.

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Mafco is your resource for customizable taste and mouthfeel solutions. We make the World A Tastier Place… Read our News You Can Use blog to discover the latest industry trends from Mintel and learn more about our NEW Magna-Brands™, powered by the science of MagnaSweet®

Innovative & Cost-Effective Taste Solutions Supporting a Range of Product Applications

The Magna-Brands™ product line has been used extensively in a variety of food, beverage, oral healthcare, pharmaceutical, confectionery, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic products. Magna-Brands™ taste solutions provide excellent masking properties, sweetness intensification and prolongation, flavor enhancement, and oral sensory effects.

We specialize in bitter blocking, savory product enhancement, sweetness enhancement, sugar reduction, and salt reduction solutions that help bring out the good tastes and suppress the bad ones, thereby helping flavor application companies and formulators achieve the best possible taste profile.

Making The World A Tastier Place

Our mission is to be the global taste innovator, creating effective building block taste solutions for a range of development applications.

Mafco Worldwide Is Making The World A Tastier Place! Our Magna-Brand™ taste & mouthfeel solutions are perfectly formulated or customized to your needs to contribute to a tastier world for all!

Taste Masking and Enhancement Solutions

  • Bitterness masking
  • Sweetness enhancement
  • Salt/Savory enhancement
  • Improving mouthfeel
  • Flavor enhancement
  • Enhancing overall taste profile
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Clean, Custom Plant-Based Flavor Applications Powered by the Science & Taste Behind MagnaSweet®

Mafco has provided our customers with innovative and cost-effective taste solutions that support great-tasting and clean-label consumer products for generations! With our Magna-Brands™ products powered by the science of MagnaSweet®, we create quality products to be used for a wide range of plant based flavor applications.

Magna-Brands™ are natural*, non-GMO, and cost-effective solutions—and now custom-developed, which means they can be specifically modified to address your unique product development challenges, needs, and goals. We also add natural* materials blended in at specific ratios to deliver the desired taste functionality.

*Depending on the function and/or usage level of the product, and can vary by country