MagnaSweet® for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Nutraceutical Applications

MagnaSweet is a family of products derived from glycyrrhizic acid which is the unique ingredient found in licorice root that has a characteristically intense and long-lasting sweet taste.

MagnaSweet® Key Performance Attributes:

Eliminate Aftertastes: MagnaSweet® eliminates undesirable aftertastes including bitter, astringent, sour, acidic, metallic, and medicinal aftertastes through its delayed and long-lasting sweetness onset which matches the time and intensity of the onset of aftertaste.

Intensify and Extend Sweetness: MagnaSweet’s® delayed and long-lasting sweetness onset, when combined with other sweeteners or ingredients containing natural sweeteners, intensifies and extends sweetness.

Enhance and Prolong Flavors: MagnaSweet® improves flavor strength and extends flavor duration in beverages, gummies, chewable vitamins, lozenges, chewing gum and chocolate.

Improve Mouthfeel: MagnaSweet® products increase the perception of mouthfeel to create a “silky smooth” texture in reduced fat and fat-free products as well as a fuller mouthfeel in sugar-free products.

MagnaSweet® Primary Functional Applications:

Improve and Extend the Sweetness of Reduced Sugar and Sugar-Free Beverages and Foods. Magnasweet® masks the aftertaste and prolongs sweetness when combined with stevia or other high-intensity sweeteners in low-sugar and sugar-free foods and drinks. Magnasweet® is especially effective in replacing aspartame with stevia.

Block Bitterness in Food and Beverages Magnasweet® reduces or eliminates the metallic and bitter flavor off-notes and aftertastes that are characteristic of functional ingredients.

Mask Off-Notes and Bitterness of Pharmaceutical Actives and Nutraceutical Functional Ingredients Magnasweet® masks unpleasant flavors and eliminates lingering aftertastes from pharmaceutical actives and nutraceutical functional ingredients in cough and cold syrups, chewable tablets and gummies.

Reduce / Eliminate Off-tastes from Plant and Dairy Proteins Magnasweet® masks the green, cardboard, or earthy notes of dairy and plant proteins to allow for higher doses of plant proteins in your formulations.

Intensify and Extend Sweetness MagnaSweet’s® delayed and long-lasting sweetness onset, when combined with other sweeteners or ingredients containing natural sweeteners, intensifies and extends sweetness.

Enhance Savory Flavors and Enable Sodium Salt Reduction Magnasweet® increases the perception of saltiness and umami flavors without adding sodium and masks the metallic aftertaste of potassium salts.

Improve Mouthfeel in Low-fat Foods and Beverages Magnasweet® increases the perception of fullness and improves mouthfeel in low-fat and low-sugar applications to simulate a creamy or silky texture.

MagnaSweet® Product Portfolio

The MagnaSweet® product portfolio is divided into four main categories:


The Magnasweet® 100 Series is the essential tool for masking or eliminating the aftertaste, intensifying sweetness, extending sweetness, and enhancing other flavors. Available in both liquid and powder forms.


MagnaSweet® 200 Series has improved solubility at low pH, better initial sweetness, and greater sweetness intensity. Available in both liquid and powder forms.


MagnaSweet® 300 Series masks or eliminates aftertastes, enhances and extends flavors, and modulates sweetness. Used in savory, tomato-based, vanilla, coffee, and chocolate-flavored products.


Our Compound Solutions provide sweetness modulation, masking, and mouthfeel enhancement and are particularly useful in solving issues with local regulatory compliance.

Pure Licorice Derivatives of Glycyrrhiza Used in Cosmetic and Personal Care Consumer Products

Mafco’s Pure Derivatives of Glycyrrhiza are used extensively in hundreds of global brand-name consumer cosmetic and personal care products. Mafco’s Pure Derivatives are based on unique compounds found only in licorice roots from the glycyrrhiza species plants native to the Mediterranean, Central Asia, and the Far East. The licorice root has been used for homeopathic medicinal purposes for thousands of years in the Far East and has extensive topical uses in skin care. Glycyrrhizic acid, flavonoids and chalcones unique to the licorice root are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products for their antioxidant, stabilizing, soothing, calming, and skin-brightening benefits.

Pure Derivatives Functional Properties

Pure Licorice Derivative products for cosmetic and personal care fall into three main functional benefit categories:

Neuro-Friendly: For sensitive skin, skin soothing, calming, and neuro-friendly activity and for skin conditions including redness and irritation.

Hydrating and Stabilizing: For skin rejuvenation and repair products with anti-oxidative, hydrating, and stabilizing properties to support the skin barrier and microbiome. Pure licorice derivatives contain flavonoid-rich antioxidant components that decrease reactive oxygen in the skin barrier.

Brighter Looking Skin: Skin brightening products to combat skin discoloration, improve uneven skin tone, and for smoother and brighter-looking skin. Pure Licorice Derivatives contain liquiritin and glabradine, which help combat discoloration and uneven skin tone.

Pure Licorice Derivatives Are Used for Their Functional Benefits in These Personal Care Products:

  • Baby products – shampoos, lotions, wipes and powders
  • Eye care products – liners, shadows, lotions, makeup removers, mascaras, eyelash and eyebrow products
  • Hair preparations – conditioners, rinses and shampoos
  • Makeup preparations – blushers and rouges, powders, foundations and body paints
  • Lip care products – lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, and bases
  • Nail preparations – Nail creams and lotions
  • Personal cleanliness – bath soaps, body washes, and deodorants
  • Shaving preparations – aftershave lotions, pre-shave lotions, shaving creams and soaps
  • Skin care – moisturizing and cleansing preparations, skin, body and hand creams, lotions, exfoliants, serums, essences, and masks
  • Sun and after-sun preparations – Suntan gels, creams, screens, and liquids

Pure Licorice Derivatives of Glycyrrhiza Products:

Mafco’s product range is built upon the distinctive and natural chemistry of licorice root, leveraging its specific functional properties. Learn more about the production descriptions, physical & chemical properties, and typical analytical values for the Pure Derivatives of Glycyrrhiza Series.

  • Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate (Ammoniated Glycyrrhizate)
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate)
  • Glabridin 10% (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract)
  • Glabridin 40% (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract)
  • Glabridin 90% (Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract)
  • Enoxolone 18 Beta Glycyrrhetinic Acid
  • Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate
  • Glycyrrhizic Acid
  • Licochalcone
  • Liquiritin

Ex-Vivo Studies

Mafco-EVD has a secure website with Ex-Vivo studies on the effect of licorice products on:

  • Soothing of the skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Skin microbiota
  • Aging
  • Brightening skin appearance
  • Neuro activity
  • Antioxidant activity

If you are a professional working in the areas of product research development, you can request to view these studies by clicking this link.

About Mafco

Mafco Worldwide LLC, established in 1850 is the global leader in the supply of products made from licorice roots for more than 170 years. These roots come from the Glycyrrhiza species of plants, which grow wild in Central Asia, China, and the Middle East. Licorice root is the only plant known to naturally synthesize glycyrrhizic acid, a key compound used extensively in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care products.

The licorice roots can be several inches thick and up to 25 feet long and are harvested when the plant is approximately four years old. The roots are cleaned, dried, and bagged or pressed into bales.

Mafco’s long history, strong reputation, focused business approach, global manufacturing presence, advanced technical capabilities, and solid financial standing make it the preferred global supplier for all kinds of licorice products to consumer product manufacturers.