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Mafco Worldwide LLC

Mafco Worldwide LLC, established in 1850, is now a subsidiary of Whole Earth Brands, listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “FREE”. For more than 170 years, Mafco has dominated the global market in providing products made from licorice roots. These roots come from the Glycyrrhiza species of plants, which are found growing wild in Central Asia, China, and the Middle East.

Licorice root is unique as it’s the only plant known to naturally produce glycyrrhizic acid.

Mafco’s product range is built upon the distinctive and natural chemistry of licorice root, leveraging its specific functional properties.

Pure Licorice Derivatives and Magnasweet®

With a strong reputation, focused business approach, extensive global manufacturing presence, advanced technical capabilities, and solid financial standing, Mafco is widely recognized as the preferred global supplier for all kinds of licorice products.

  • Pure Licorice derivatives are isolated from licorice roots through a multi-step extraction and purification process in Mafco’s global factories.
  • The primary functional ingredient in Mafco’s Magnasweet® line of products are Pure Licorice Derivatives derived from licorice roots.
  • Mafco manufactures pure licorice derivatives that are declared natural in the USA, Europe, and in other regions.

Pure Licorice Derivatives and Magnasweet® Applications

Food and Beverage

  • Masking the aftertaste from high-intensity sweeteners, plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, and CBD oils
  • Extending, intensifying, and improving sweetness when used in conjunction with primary sweeteners
  • Improving mouthfeel, enabling sodium salt reduction, and enhancing flavors

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical

  • Our pure derivatives are used globally in OTC chewable tablets, gummies, and cough and cold syrups for adults and children.
  • The time-delayed onset, intensity, and long-lasting sweetness match the timing and intensity of the onset of the aftertastes from pharmaceutical actives and nutraceutical ingredients
Mafco Worldwide LLC
Licorice Products manufacturing

Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

  • Used in hundreds of premium personal care products sold worldwide
  • Moisturizing the skin, soothing topical skin irritations, reducing skin inflammation, inhibiting skin melanin production, and general skin health.

Oral Care

  • Masking the aftertaste of active ingredients in mouthwashes and breath sprays
  • Creating a natural foam in toothpaste

Mafco’s Licorice Supply Chain

About MAFCO - we are a division of Whole Earth Brands
  • Mafco’s licorice products are derived from the roots of the glycyrrhiza species of plant, a shrub-like leguminous plant that is indigenous to the Middle East and Central Asia
  • The plant’s roots, which can be up to several inches thick and up to 25 feet long, are harvested when the plant is approximately four years old. The roots are then cleaned, dried and bagged or pressed into bales.
  • Mafco’s raw material supply chain provides Mafco with the best quality and widest selection of licorice raw materials.
  • Mafco maintains licorice inventories at level to cover a minimum of one year of demand for raw materials and 4-5 months for finished goods.