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Introducing a cost-efficient, eco-friendly and “water-based” solution for acid mist suppression in zinc and copper electrowinning.

Water-Based Solution for Lower Acid Mist Emissions in EW

Finally—an affordable, water-based solution that reduces acid mist during electrowinning, making operations more safe and effective. Electrowinning with the use of licorice extract from Mafco offers many proven benefits for copper and zinc producers.

Highly Effective & Cost-Efficient Extract Alternative

EW with our licorice extract is more efficient and cost-effective because it replaces the need for expensive alternative products such as Saponin or Bevaloid (Rhodia) as well as less effective reagents for acid mist suppression such as Soy Meal and Dowfroth.

Enhance EW Function & Improve Working Operations

Mafco’s innovative yet tried-and-true extract solutions have been providing operational efficiencies and advantages to electrowinning producers for over 25 years as well as improving manufacturing environments for electrowinning workers.

Advantages of Licorice Extract Solutions for Effective Zinc & Copper Production

MAFCO, the global leader in natural* licorice extracts, offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly “water-based” solution for Acid Mist Suppression in Electrowinning. Our product has been highly effective at replacing poor-performing, over-priced reagents with our natural*, environmentally-friendly licorice extract that reduces acid mist and improves working conditions for electrowinning producers.

Licorice extract does not produce fluorocarbons, which are potentially toxic compounds and potent greenhouse gases that accumulate in the environment.

If you’re interested in using our products, please contact us for samples and solutions to help you boost your eco-friendly and cost-effective electrowinning operations to enhance your carbon footprint and ROI.

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Fluorocarbon Free
Reduces Acid Mist
Cost-Effective Replacement
Better Working Environments

Enhance Electrowinning Operations & ROI with Eco-Friendly Extract

Zinc and copper producers can improve the speed and quality with which they operate electrowinning functions with our plant-based licorice products that offer:

  • Improved manufacturing environment for workers
  • Replacement for the discontinued 3M acid mist suppressant FC-1100
  • Lower legal limits (TVL values) as proposed in various regions for acid mist
  • Cost-efficient replacement of more expensive products including: Saponin and Bevaloid (Rhodia)
  • Alternative solution for less effective reagents in acid mist suppression in Soy Meal and Dowfroth

Water-Based Acid Mist Suppression in the EW (Electrowinning) Cell

MAFCO licorice extract is a cost-effective and water-based solution to help benefit the reduction of acid mist during the electrowinning process with a proven process:

  • High amounts of Saponins from our product increases the surface tension of the electrolytes
  • Increased surface tension in the cell allows for slower formation of hydrogen and oxygen surface bubbles in EW (Electrowinning) cells
  • Surface bubbles burst with less energy and lower acid mist emissions into the cell house

Partnering With Zinc & Copper Producers for 25+ Years

As industry leaders in flavoring components, we innovate to provide alternative and effective solutions in a broad range of industries. We have been suppliers of “water-based” licorice extracts with proven advantages and use in Zinc and Copper Electrowinning for over 25 years.

Study Highlights: Mafco Licorice Extract was proven to:

  • Yield greater than 90% reduction in acid mist
  • Exceed the acid mist suppression of FC 1100 and Dow Froth
    – Mafco licorice extract current efficiency was high while still maintaining acid mist suppression

Conclusion: Mafco Licorice Extract is a promising reagent for zinc and copper electrowinning

Please contact us for more information on the original studies done by Professor Akram Alfantazi (P. Eng), Department of Materials Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, showing the efficiency of MAFCO Natural* Licorice Extract Reagents in Zinc and Copper electrowinning.

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

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