Natural* Licorice Products

Quality, natural* plant-based licorice products extracted and refined for your use in a wide range of applications.

Enhances Flavor Profiles

Make the authentic flavor of your product shine! With our licorice products you can produce clean flavor profiles with enriched natural* tastes that keep products true to their roots!

Masks Bitterness & Off-Notes

Our plant-based licorice products are carefully extracted and processed to help developers mask off-notes and enhance desirable flavors in all types of food, beverages, proteins, cosmetics and more.

Effective in Many Applications

Mafco’s versatile licorice products possess unique functional properties for eliminating undesirable flavors, intensifying and prolonging sweetness, and enhancing other flavors.

Licorice Extracts Work to Enhance Many Applications!

Mafco’s natural* licorice products are used today in a wide range of applications including confectionery and chocolate!


Natural* licorice products are successfully used in a wide range of confections including chocolate products, sugarless confectioner coatings and sugarless hard and soft candies. It also can provide intensified sweetness and prolongation of both sweetness and flavor to confections.


Our products improve cocoa notes as well as taste, texture, silkiness, and smoothness to enhance overall mouthfeel in chocolate products. It also extends and enriches the natural* sweetness of chocolate without extra calories.

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Raw Licorice Material Extracting, Manufacturing & Shipping

Natural* licorice products are derived from the roots of the licorice or glycyrrhiza genus of plants. This plant is small shrub-like leguminous plant indigenous to the Middle East and Central Asia including the countries of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The plant’s raw materials are harvested in the wild when the plant is approximately four years old. Raw materials are collected, cleaned, dried, processed and packaged by Mafco’s suppliers across multiple regional sources and shipped to Mafco’s worldwide factory locations by ocean vessel. Over its 150 year history, Mafco has developed an extensive knowledge of licorice markets and collection networks in key licorice growing regions. Mafco has also made significant financial investments in licorice raw materials collection operations in strategic areas of the world.

In order to maintain a continuous and sustainable supply of licorice raw materials, Mafco maintains multiple sources of supply and relationships with many suppliers so that, if the licorice root from any one source becomes temporarily unavailable, Mafco can replace that source with licorice raw materials from another area or supplier within the Mafco supply network.

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

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