Magna-Brands™ Products Powered by the Science of MagnaSweet®.

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On The Cutting Edge

Our world-class creative team is always on the cutting edge of market trends and technology, developing products that deliver solutions for the best possible taste. We’re deeply rooted in science and deliver outstanding solutions to serve our customers.

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Customized to Your Taste Needs

We are now offering new, highly-functional, fully-customizable “plant-based” Magna-Branded products! And with our expanded R&D resources we can create the perfect Magna-Brands™ solution for your specific needs.

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Modified for Your Goals

With our new collaborative R&D process, you can rest assured that if our Magna-Brands™ Products aren’t a perfect fit the first time, our team of scientists can customize a solution to deliver on your specified taste expectations.

Magna-Brands™: Our Family of Versatile Masking Agents & Taste Profile Enhancers

Magna-Brands™ Products

Magna-Brands™ offers extraordinary and versatile flavoring agents, masking agents, sweetness intensifiers, extenders, and flavor enhancers.

They are multifunctional for solving consumer product development problems across a wide variety of applications in such diverse industries as foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, and nutraceuticals.

The Magna-Brands™ products use as their key ingredient the ammonium salt forms of Glycyrrhizic Acid. Glycyrrhizic Acid is a unique compound found only in the licorice root. Both Ammoniated Glycyrrhizin and Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate are natural* and are GRAS certified.

Glycyrrhizic Acid is also available as a pure derivative in both the sodium and potassium salt forms. In its pure form, Glycyrrhizic Acid imparts no licorice flavor and can be used to eliminate undesirable tastes, intensify sweetness, prolong sweetness, enhance flavors and extend flavors.

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Natural* Taste Solutions, Customized to Your Development Needs

Magna-Brands™ are natural*, non-GMO and cost effective solutions—and now can be modified to specifically address your unique product development challenges, goals, and requirements. With our new R&D-centric process, we are able to customize our formulas to deliver the optimum taste functionality desired.

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country