Manage high salt content and improve flavors in umami-centered food and beverages! MagnaBoost™ products are your answer to reducing overall sodium by amplifying salty and umami flavors in a range of products.

MAFCO food enhancement

Reduce Salt Content

Savory products are a very competitive market where consumers are looking for innovative products that deliver rich and full flavors while remaining healthy and natural*. Utilizing MagNaBoost™ functional capabilities, developers can deliver innovative and appetizing products with less sugar, salt, and artificial additives.

MAFCO food enhancement

Amplify Savory Flavors

With our natural* licorice-based products, you can effectively modulate sweet flavors for the reduction of primary sweeteners, enhance the overall flavors by creating a well-rounded flavor profile, and improve the mouthfeel by imparting a full, rich texture and round out the entire flavor profile of your product.

MAFCO food enhancement

Mask Metallic & Acidity

Our natural* products block metallic flavors and stop acidic and bitter aftertastes that often accompany savory food and beverage products. MagNaBoost™ products also help mask off-notes found in sodium substitutes such as Potassium Chloride and other chemical additives.

The Natural*, Flavorful Way to Reduce Sodium & Boost Flavor is MagNaBoost™!

You don’t need to mask or cover the coveted saltiness or spiciness in any applications. From food to beverages, our natural* MagNaBoost™ plant-based products balance the overall flavor profile of any product to enhance umami notes, saltiness, and spiciness, while masking metallic and chemical notes from salt substitutes.

Deliver Powerful Flavor Profiles That Amplify Your Products in The Market

Reduce Sodium umami foods using MagNaBoost™

Consumers today are more and more concerned with their salt intake, as a contributing factor to many health issues, such as heart disease and hypertension. As a result, food manufacturers are introducing low-sodium foods into the market.

MagNaBoost™ can help make these products more appealing to consumers by improving their overall flavor profile in many instances. Combining MagNaBoost™ improved flavors with lower salt in food products is a sure winner.

  • Enhance umami note, saltiness, spiciness
  • Mask metallic and chemical notes from salt substitutes

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country.

Demo Success Stories

Reduce Sodium with MagNaBoost™

MagNaBoost™ SE-006

Low Sodium Soy Sauce

  • Enhanced saltiness and umami note
  • Reduces sodium
  • Mask metallic and chemical notes
Reduce Sodium

MagNaBoost™ SE-014

Reduced Sodium & Sugar BBQ Chips

  • 50% salt reduction
  • Enhances BBQ flavor
  • Reduced sugar content