Improve the flavor profile in all types of CBD products

Mask the flavor concerns from surfactants, terpenes, emulsifiers, and overbearing sweetness in formulas.

MAFCO food enhancement

Mask Dank, Earthy Notes

Our MagnaCleanCBD™ products mask off-flavors and bitterness from CBD extracts and surfactants. Common flavor problems with CBD products are eliminated.

  • Control skunky, earthy, and bitter flavors
  • Masks earthy, grassy notes
MAFCO food enhancement

Balance Flavor Profiles

Our plant-based MagnaCleanCBD™ products provide a rounded, balanced flavor profile and block overbearing sweetness or medicinal tastes.

  • Improve flavor and consumer acceptance
  • Reduce medicinal tastes
MAFCO food enhancement

Eliminate Lingering Bitterness

Improve after-tasting notes in CBD beverages as well as gummies, tinctures, and edibles for a more improved taste that’s more flavorful.

  • Reduce lingering bitterness in beverages
  • Reduce overbearing sweetness

Say Goodbye to Bitter, Earthy, Skunky Flavors— Enjoy an Improved Overall Product

Solve common problems with CBD products with off-tastes from terpenes (due to the addition of surfactants/emulsifier for water solubility). Use our natural* products to enhance flavors and mask unwanted aftertastes in any CBD application.

Products for Authentic and Cleaner Tasting CBD Products

CBD Products MagnaCleanCBD™

Now, in addition to our original MagnaSweet® that you know, trust, and can still purchase, we are offering exciting new, functionally-branded, fully-customizable products.

Our new Magna-Brands™ Products feature enhanced efficacy and provide superior natural* taste solutions to your most challenging formulation issues.

  • Makes products more flavorful
  • Can be customized for your application
  • More rounded and balanced flavor profiles
  • Masks lingering bitterness
  • Greatly reduces earthy and dank notes

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

Lemon CBD Gummies

MagnaCleanCBD™ CB-012

Lemon CBD Gummies

  • Reduces Skunky, bitter CBD off-tastes
  • Greatly reduces lingering bitterness
  • Balances taste profile
Strawberry CBD Beverage

MagnaCleanCBD™ CB-013

Strawberry CBD Beverage

  • Reduces skunky, earthy notes
  • Greatly reduces lingering bitterness
  • Amplifies strawberry flavor