MagnaPharma™ Makes Even The Most Challenging Pharmaceutical Application Ingredients Palatable and Consumer Friendly.

MagnaPharma™ is a prescription for good taste in your pharmaceutical products.

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Mask Bitterness & APIs

Say goodbye to excessive sweetness and bitterness from APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). MagnaPharma™, a prescription for good taste!

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Make Medicine More Palatable

Make medicine more palatable to the consumer with our natural* products, which effectively reduce the bitterness from APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and provide higher solubility in liquid products.

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Eliminate Lingering Aftertaste

Solve the problem of bad-tasting medicine formulations in cough syrups, antihistamines, and other medications! Now you can reduce the yucky flavors and lingering aftertastes that most medicines suffer with.

Effectively Reduce Bitterness & Enhance Taste in Any Type of Pharmaceutical

Get competitive in the market with help from our natural*, plant-based products line from MagnaPharma™ which are effective in all pharmaceutical applications. Mask unpleasant flavors and eliminate lingering aftertaste in medications to help improve the consumer experience and optimize your products.

Natural*, All New MagnaPharma™ Products Powered by MagnaSweet®

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Mafco has provided our customers with innovative and cost-effective taste solutions that support great-tasting and clean-label consumer products for generations!

Magna-Brands™ are natural*, non-GMO and cost effective solutions—and now custom-developed, which means they can be specifically modified to address your unique product development challenges, needs, and goals.

We also add natural* materials blended in at specific ratios to deliver the desired taste functionality and to:

  • Reduce bitterness and astringency throughout
  • Offer a higher solubility in liquid products
  • Provides maximum masking of APIs

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

MagnaPharma™ Quinine Cough Syrup

MagnaPharma™ PH013

Quinine Cough Syrup

  • Effectively masks the bitterness of quinine, a highly bitter component
  • Improved Mouthfeel
  • Balanced Sweetness