Overcome Common Flavor Challenges With Plant-Based Proteins

Mafco’s plant-based proteins are formulated with cleaned proteins and provide optimized taste and mouthfeel for all forms of plant protein!

MAFCO food enhancement

Reduce Earthy, Grassy Notes

Plant proteins can have unfortunate aftertastes described as earthy, grassy, bitter, or even bean-like. Now, you can eliminate those off-notes in all types of food and beverage applications with MagnaProteinMask™.

  • Effectively masks background notes such as the green or “beanie” note found in plant-based products.
MAFCO food enhancement

Round Out Flavors

Taste paneling results showed applications with MagnaProteinMask™ produced outcomes with less chalky, earthy, and grassy notes, and a rounded taste profile in all types of protein, beverages, and more.

  • Intensifies sweetness in plant protein products to allow for a reduction of the primary sweetener
MAFCO food enhancement

Clean Up Flavor Profile

Enhance natural* flavors and round out the flavor profile in your plant protein-based products so consumers can enjoy clean tastes without any lingering, strong aftertaste or overbearing bitterness.

  • Increases mouthfeel in Soya products to simulate a creamy or silky texture

Less Chalky, More Taste

Mafco’s plant-based protein flavor modulator system with MagnaProteinMask™ provides a clean taste in all types of protein.

Helping You Develop Natural*, Authentic Protein-Based Products

Dairy Products Flavor Modulator

Magna-Brands™ are natural*, non-GMO and cost effective solutions—and now custom-developed, which means they can be specifically modified to address your unique product development challenges, needs, and goals.

We also add natural* materials blended in at specific ratios to deliver the desired taste functionality.

*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

Plant Protein Beverage

MagnaProteinMask™ PM-003

Plant Protein Beverage

  • Reduces grassy notes, earthy notes
  • Provides an upfront mouthfeel
  • Pea protein, neutral flavored plant protein
MagnaProteinMask™ Pea & Hemp Protein Shake

MagnaProteinMask™ PM-004

Pea & Hemp Protein Shake

  • Reduces chalkiness, grassy, earthy and nutty flavor
  • Plant proteins with strong aftertaste
  • Effectively masks hemp protein off-notes