Reduce Vanilla Usage While Improving Sweetness and Flavor Balance in Vanilla-Flavored Food, Beverages, and More!

MAFCO food flavor enhancement

Use Less Vanilla Flavoring

A natural* and effective solution to the high cost of vanilla! MagnaVanTastic works on a synergistic level to enhance and enrich the vanilla flavor, allowing formulators to reduce usage levels without sacrificing flavor.

MAFCO food enhancement

Improve Flavor Profiles

MagnaVanTastic naturally* enhances the flavor profile of all types of vanilla-flavored products, helps to balance front and back notes, and supports clean labeling.

MAFCO food enhancement

Balance Taste & Add Dimension

Leave a tasty, sweet, and lasting impression with any vanilla-flavored food, beverage or candy. Our MagnaVanTastic products help you create flavor depth and dimension with a start-to-finish more balanced taste.

Creating Tastier Vanilla-Flavored Products Made Easy

Eliminate aftertastes and off-notes often observed from lower-grade vanilla flavoring. Our product helps formulators overcome these challenges in a cost-efficient and effective way.

Reducing the Need for Vanilla Flavoring While Enhancing Taste & Sweetness

vanilla flavor MagnaVanTastic

Make your vanilla-flavored foods and beverages more tasty and sweet without premium vanilla costs. We solve common formulation issues in vanilla-based products by enhancing taste and mouthfeel, making your products more satisfying to the consumer.

  • Eliminates aftertastes
  • Balances front/back end notes
  • Enhances overall flavor & sweetness profile
  • Extends vanilla flavor
  • Allows for a reduction in vanilla flavoring components

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

vanilla flavor MagnaVanTastic


Reduced Vanilla Usage in Dairy

  • Reduces vanilla usage
  • Improves overall flavor profile
  • Balances sweetness
Beverage Flavor Modulator


Reduced Vanilla Usage in Beverages

  • Reduces vanilla usage
  • Adds flavor depth & dimension
  • Balances sweetness from high-intensity sweeteners