Eliminate common sources of strong overall bitter flavors and lingering aftertastes in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Goodbye to Bitterness!

We all have experienced that bitter off-note that can ruin an otherwise good tasting product. Now common sources of bitter don’t stand a chance thanks to MagnaB-Block™.

Mask Earthy Tastes

With the help of MagnaB-Block™ products, masking all sources of bitter including earthy and grassy is a snap.

Enhance Natural* Flavors

Not only do our products mask unwanted flavors, but they also work to enhance the flavors you do want present in your formulations.

Completely Block the Bitter and Extend the Sweetness in a Range of Products

Block and mask bitterness that occurs in formulations with plant compounds and processing or synthesis hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids (BCAAs), peptides, DHA, EPAs, and surfactants. No chalky or grassy flavors here, just natural* tastes that shine through in any application from food and drinks to pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Food & Beverages

MagnaB-Block™ products perform extremely well in a wide range of food and beverage applications, including carbonated drinks, fruit drinks and juices, as well as soups, seasonings, savory foods and condiments.


Mask bitter flavor compounds from Alkaloids.


Mask bitter flavor compounds in medicinal formulations.

Whey Protein

Our MagnaB-Block™ masks bitterness and reduces earthy, grassy, cardboard flavors and helps whey protein products taste more naturally* sweet.

Plant & Herbal-Based

Mask bitter flavor compounds from plants: phenols and polyphenols, flavonoids (epicatechin gallate from green tea, naringin from citrus), Terpenes (hops), Isoflavones, and Alkaloids (caffeine).


By effectively masking vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplement ingredients, product developers are able to provide products with much better flavor profiles to consumers. Sweetness intensification and prolongation also aid sports nutrition by allowing for sweetener reductions while maintaining a consistent sweet taste.

Find the magna-Brand product for your Application

Clean & Customizable To Solve Any Formulation or Taste Issues

With our Magna-Brand™ products powered by the science of MagnaSweet®, we create quality products to be used for a wide range of applications.

All products are non-nutritive, natural*, non-GMO and cost-effective—and now custom-developed, which means they can be specifically modified to address your unique product development challenges, needs and goals. We also add natural* materials blended in at specific ratios to deliver the desired taste functionality and:

  • Reduce bitterness of whey proteins, caffeine
  • Reduce upfront bitterness
  • Reduce middle to end bitterness
  • Are EU natural* compliant

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

MagnaB-Block BB002

Caffeine Energy Shot

  • Significant reduction in caffeine bitterness
  • Eliminate lingering bitter flavors
  • Improve fruit flavor

MagnaB-Block BB009

BCAA Workout Powdered Beverage

  • Significantly reduced bitterness
  • Enhanced sweetness and created cleaner taste
  • Enhance fruit & berry flavor

Let’s Craft Your Next Creation!

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