Creates a rich and pleasant full-body mouthfeel for a more satisfying taste experience in food and beverages!

Enhancing Mouthfeel

Our MagnaMouthfeel™ products work hand-in-hand with flavors to enhance the way products taste and feel in the mouth. Let consumers enjoy bite after bite and sip after sip with a lasting, pleasant mouthfeel each time!

Full-Bodied, Balanced Flavors

Create more full-bodied, balanced taste profiles in non-fat or sugar-reduced dairy, non-dairy, and plant-based food and beverages. An effective building block to overcome thin mouthfeel and add dynamic taste dimension.

Create Rich, Creamy Textures

Optimize mouthfeel in your food or beverage products for a creamier, silkier and smoother-taste with our natural* product proven to enhance the taste and texture without comprising on sweetness or flavor.

Creating Richer Tastes With Mouthwatering Textures in Food & Beverage Applications

Texture and taste are the two most important organoleptic properties in food and beverage, and essential contributing factors to the overall consumer satisfaction in products.

MagnaMouthFeel™ helps you build a richer-tasting texture to enhance mouthfeel in products for more enjoyable experiences.


MagnaMouthfeel™ helps improve yogurt products and applications to create full-bodied, rich, creamy, and balanced mouthfeel.


Make low/non-fat dairy and non-dairy products more satisfying with MagnaMouthFeel that creates a silkier, creamier, and fuller mouthfeel.

Plant Milk Beverages

Add to plant-based protein beverages such as rice, soy, almond, or oat milk to create a richer and fuller bodied product and improve a thin or diluted mouthfeel.

Find the magna product for your taste needs

Solving Formulation Issues for Smoother, Richer & Tastier Creations!

Mafco’s new customizable Magna-Brands™ help solve challenging formulation issues in the development of food and beverage products. Make your customers happier and products tastier with a more satisfying and full-bodied mouthfeel with every bite or sip! Our MagnaMouthfeel™ can be specially formulated to optimize the texture of any dairy, non-dairy or plant-based product. Create creamy formulas and say goodbye to unpleasant textures.

  • Enhance flavors
  • Create full-bodied formulas
  • Improve richness and mouthfeel
  • Create oily or buttery mouthfeel
  • Eliminate thin or diluted tastes

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

MagnaMouthfeel MMF-004

In Non-Fat, Unsweetened Yogurt

  • Described as Full-Bodied
  • Richer
  • More Creamy

MagnaMouthfeel MMF-004

In Plant Protein Milks

  • Eliminates Thin or Diluted Mouthfeel
  • Amplifies Full-Bodied Flavors
  • Enhances Rich, Oily & Buttery Tastes

MagnaMouthfeel MMF-004

In Ready-to-Drink Coffee Products

  • Described as Full-Bodied & Balanced
  • Richer
  • More Creamy

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