Makes even the most challenging pharmaceutical application ingredients palatable and consumer friendly. MagnaPharma™, a prescription for good taste in your pharmaceutical products

Mask Bitterness & APIs

Say goodbye to excessive sweetness and bitterness from APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). MagnaPharma™, a prescription for good taste!

Make Medicine More Palatable

Make medicine more palatable to the consumer with our natural* products, which effectively reduce bitterness from APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and provide higher solubility in liquid products.

Eliminate Lingering Aftertaste

Solve the problem of bad-tasting medicine formulations in cough syrups, antihistamines, and other medications! Now you can reduce yucky flavors and lingering aftertastes that most medicines suffer with.

Effectively Reduce Bitterness & Enhance Taste in Any Type of Pharmaceutical

Get competitive in the market with help from our natural*, plant-based products line from MagnaPharma™ which are effective in all pharmaceutical applications. Mask unpleasant flavors and eliminate lingering aftertastes in medications to help improve the consumer experience and optimize your products.

Cough Syrup, Cold Medicine

MagnaPharma™ reduces the overall bitterness in cough syrup and cold medicines.

Antibiotics & Antihistamines

Reduces bitterness throughout and provides a higher solubility in liquid.


Helps mask bitterness and lingering aftertaste in decongestants.

Find the magna-Brand product for your Application

Natural*, All New MagnaPharma™ Products Powered by MagnaSweet®

Mafco has provided our customers with innovative and cost-effective taste solutions that support great-tasting and clean-label consumer products for generations!

All products are non-nutritive, natural*, non-GMO and cost-effective—and now custom-developed, which means they can be specifically modified to address your unique product development challenges, needs and goals. We also add natural* materials blended in at specific ratios to deliver the desired taste functionality and to:

  • Reduce bitterness and astringency throughout
  • Offer a higher solubility in liquid products
  • Provides maximum masking of APIs

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories

MagnaPharma PH013

Quinine Cough Syrup

  • Effectively masks bitterness of quinine, a highly bitter component
  • Improved Mouthfeel
  • Balanced Sweetness

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