Offering an effective way to reduce vanilla usage while improving sweetness and flavor balance in vanilla-flavored food, beverage and more!

Use Less Vanilla Flavoring

A natural* and effective solution to the high cost of vanilla! MagnaVanTastic works on a synergistic level to enhance and enrich vanilla flavor, allowing formulators to reduce usage levels without sacrificing flavor.

Improve Flavor Profiles

MagnaVanTastic naturally* enhances the flavor profile of all types of vanilla flavored products, helps to balance front and back notes, and supports clean labeling.

Balance Taste & Add Dimension

Leave a tasty, sweet and lasting impression with any vanilla-flavored food, beverage or candy. Our MagnaVanTastic products help you create flavor depth and dimension with a start to finish more balanced taste.

Creating Tastier Vanilla-Flavored Products Made Easy

Eliminate aftertastes and off-notes often observed from lower grade vanilla flavoring. Our product helps formulators overcome these challenges in a cost efficient and effective way.


Enhance and extend vanilla flavors in dairy or other foods and mask the unpleasant notes from flavoring. Also helps balance sweetness in products containing high intensity sweeteners.


Use MagnaVanTastic for all types of vanilla-flavored beverages and drinks to increase the full-bodied flavor without adding extra, artificial tasting flavoring agents.


Bring out the best possible vanilla taste in cakes, pastries, and confectionery products with MagnaVanTastic, while reducing the premium cost of vanilla flavoring.

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Reducing Need for Vanilla Flavoring While Enhancing Taste & Sweetness

Make your vanilla-flavored foods and beverages more tasty and sweet without premium vanilla costs. We solve common formulation issues in vanilla-based products by enhancing taste and mouthfeel, making your products more satisfying to the consumer.

  • Eliminates aftertastes
  • Balances front/back end notes
  • Enhances overall flavor & sweetness profile
  • Extends vanilla flavor
  • Allows for a reduction in vanilla flavoring components

*Depending on function and/or usage level in product, and can vary by country

Demo Success Stories


Reduced Vanilla Usage in Dairy

  • Reduces vanilla usage
  • Improves overall flavor profile
  • Balances sweetness


Reduced Vanilla Usage in Beverages

  • Reduces vanilla usage
  • Adds flavor depth & dimension
  • Balances sweetness from high-intensity sweeteners

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