Eliminate Strong Bitter Flavors And Lingering Aftertastes In Food And Beverages Applications

MagnaSweet® bitter flavor modulation effectively blocks and masks bitterness in formulations with plant compounds, hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids (BCAAs), peptides, DHA, EPAs, and surfactants. Not only do our products mask unwanted flavors, but they also work to enhance the flavors you want present in your formulations.

No chalky or grassy flavors here, just naturally good tastes that shine through in any application from food and drinks to pharmaceuticals and supplements.

coffee bitter flavor modulation

MagnaSweet® Blocks Bitterness and Extends the Sweetness in a Range of Products

Common sources of bitterness in food and beverages:

  • Phenols and polyphenols
  • Flavonoids (green tea)
  • Caffeine
  • Hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids, peptides
  • Nutraceutical functional ingredients

MagnaSweet® bitter blocking benefits:

  • Reduces upfront bitterness
  • Eliminates lingering bitterness
  • Enhances desired flavors

Application Capabilities using Bitter Flavor Modulation

high intensity Modulation Flavor

BCAA Drink Mix

Benefits of BB-022LE:

  • Reduces bitterness from branched-chain amino acids
  • Enhances mixed berry flavor
  • Masks high-intensity sweetener off-tastes
mouthfeel Flavor taste Modulation solutions
Bitter Flavor Modulation 4

Sparkling Orange Adaptogen Beverage with L-theanine and Ginseng

Benefits of BB-001 + BB-020

  • Synergistically mask the bitterness of ginseng and l-theanine
  • Enhance sweetness in this no-added sugar beverage