Manage High Salt Content And Improve Flavors In Savory Food Applications

Savory products are a very competitive market where consumers are looking for innovative products that deliver rich and full flavors while reducing sodium content. Utilizing MagnaSweet®’s functional capabilities, you can deliver innovative and appetizing products with less sodium.

MagnaSweet® amplifies the taste of sodium chloride and masks the bitter aftertaste of non-sodium salts including potassium chloride. This effect enables formulators to reduce sodium salt by blending in potassium salt with MagnaSweet® to mask the characteristic potassium salt metallic aftertaste and enhance the desired savory flavors.

Magnasweet® Products Are Your Answer To Reducing Overall Sodium By Amplifying Salty And Umami Flavors In A Range Of Products

Salt Flavor Modulation

Common challenges to reducing salt:

  • Lack of umami
  • Reduced savory flavor
  • Bitterness
  • Metallic off-notes from potassium chloride

MagnaSweet® salt enhancement benefits:

  • Increases savory flavors and perception of salty taste
  • Masks metallic and chemical notes from salt substitutes including off-tastes from potassium chloride
  • Creates a more rounded flavor profile and reduced acidity

Application Capabilities Using Salt Flavor Modulation

salt flavor reduction in potato chips

Cheddar Cheese Seasoning For Chips

Benefits of SE-014:

  • Enhances the perception of salt in a 30% reduced salt chip seasoning
  • Enhances cheese flavor notes in seasoning