Creates a Rich and Pleasant Full-Body Mouthfeel for a More Satisfying Taste Experience in Food and Beverages!

MagnaSweet® is an effective building block to overcome thin mouthfeel and add a dynamic taste dimension in non-fat or sugar-reduced dairy, non-dairy, and plant-based food and beverages. It works hand-in-hand with flavors to enhance how products taste and feel in the mouth.

Our mouthfeel modulation products are designed to optimize mouthfeel in your food or beverage products for a creamier, silkier, and smoother taste and texture without compromising on sweetness or flavor.

full-body mouthfeel yogurt

MagnaSweet® Is Solving Formulation Issues for Smoother, Richer & Tastier Creations

Taste challenges with reduced sugar and fat foods and beverages:

  • Thin mouthfeel
  • Lacking flavor and fullness

Benefits of MagnaSweet® mouthfeel products:

  • Full-bodied, balanced mouthfeel
  • Rich, creamy texture
  • Reduced astringency and grittiness

Application Capabilities using Mouthfeel Modulation

mouthfeel  Flavor Modulation

Low Sugar Mango Selzer

Benefits of MMF-014 & SwE-063:

  • MMF-014 provides a richer, syrupy mouthfeel this low-sugar, 50 calorie per serving seltzer
  • SwE-063 enhances the overall sweetness for more rounded flavor