Make Even The Most Challenging Pharmaceutical Active and Nutraceutical Functional Ingredients Palatable and Consumer-friendly

MagnaSweet® effectively reduces the bitterness from APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and nutriceutical Functional Ingredients with higher solubility in liquid products, which makes medicine more palatable to the consumer.

By masking vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplement ingredients while extending sweetness, product developers can create products with much better flavor profiles and reduced lingering aftertaste.

Magnasweet® Masks Aftertastes Of Pharmaceutical And Nutraceutical Functional Ingredients

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Flavor Masking

Taste challenges of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products:

  • Excessive bitterness from active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Excessive use of sweeteners for masking Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) aftertastes
  • Functional ingredients used in nutraceuticals with lingering aftertastes

MagnaSweet® pharmaceutical API and Nutraceutical Functional Masking benefits:

  • Reduces and masks overall bitterness from pharmaceutical APIs and nutraceutical functional ingredients
  • The lingering masking effect matches the duration of API and nutraceutical functional ingredients aftertastes
  • Highly soluble in liquid products
  • MagnaSweet® powdered products are ideal for direct compression chewable tablets
  • Liquid MagnaSweet products are ideal for syrups and gummies

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Aftertaste Masking Application Capabilities

Our products are effective in taste masking aftertaste in pharmaceutical and nutriceuticals. Get competitive in the market with help from our natural*, plant-based products line are effective in all pharmaceutical applications. Mask unpleasant flavors and eliminate lingering aftertastes to help improve the consumer experience and improve the taste of your products.

Pharmaceutical Flavor Masking, gummy flavors

Sugar Free Vitamin Gummy

Benefits of MM110-2X

  • Works synergistically with stevia to enhance and extend the sweetness of this sugar-free gummy
  • Masks off-notes and lingering bitter aftertastes of vitamin blend
  • Enhances apple flavor
cough medicine flavor

Model Cough Syrup

Benefits of PH-016

  • Reduces and masks the bitter taste of quinine
  • Balances sweetness and masks lingering aftertaste
  • Improved mouthfeel