Improve And Extend The Sweetness Profiles Of Reduced Sugar And Sugar-Free Food And Beverage Applications

MagnaSweet®’s naturally intense sweetness properties make it the perfect partner in sugar-free and calorie-free sweetener systems to intensify, prolong, and eliminate the off-notes and aftertastes from high-intensity sweeteners.

MagnaSweet® is an ideal tool for formulators looking to reduce or eliminate aspartame from their formulations and replace it with other natural or artificial high-intensity sweeteners. MagnaSweet® works synergistically with stevia to amplify and round out the sweetness while reducing the bitter aftertaste of stevia. MagnaSweet® is also an ideal complement to replace aspartame with sucralose by balancing its strong upfront sweetness. MagnaSweet® is an essential tool when reformulating food and beverage products to reduce or eliminate aspartame.

MagnaSweet® Is The Perfect Partner For Sugar-Free and Reduced Sugar Products

Sweetness Flavor Modulation

The common flavor challenges associated with Sugar Reduction include:

  • Flavor profiles of high-intensity sweeteners
  • Bitterness and lingering aftertaste of natural high-intensity sweeteners including stevia and monk fruit
  • Short duration of sweetness from high-intensity sweeteners

Benefits of MagnaSweet® in reduced sugar and sugar-free products:

  • Works synergistically with sweeteners including sugar, stevia, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame-potassium
  • Rounds out temporal profiles while improving flavor and mouthfeel
  • Highly versatile – effective and stable in multitudes of applications
  • Masks high-intensity sweetener aftertastes, especially from stevia
  • Cost-effective solutions and a low inclusion rate

Application Capabilities using Sweetness Flavor Modulation

stevia flavor, Sweetness Flavor Modulation

MagnaSweet® SwE-063

Chaga Chai Tea:

Benefits of SwE-061:

  • Enhances and extends the sweetness in this 30% reduced sugar beverage
  • Reduces off-taste from mushroom powder
  • Improves chai flavor notes
Sweetness Flavor Modulation, sugar free gummy
Colorful Candies mixed

Sugar-Free Caffeine Gummy

Benefits of MM110-2X

  • Works synergistically with stevia to enhance and extend the sweetness of this sugar-free gummy
  • Masks lingering bitterness of caffeine
  • Enhances mixed berry flavor