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New Category-Specific, Magna-Branded Products

Mafco®, the global leader in licorice products, is pleased to announce our NEW category-specific, multi-tasking Magna-Brand products that address today’s most challenging product and flavor-formulation problems. Mafco’s world-class technical team is available to provide Magna-Brands product selection and suggested dosage information, as well as formulation development assistance. Available in powder or liquid versions and declared as natural flavor on the label!

So get ready to experience the pure magic of our new Magna-Brands!

Mafco® is proud to introduce our newest family of Magna-Branded products, rooted in nature and based on the proven science of MagnaSweet®, which has been solving the world’s most challenging flavor formulation problems for decades.

Now, in addition to our original MagnaSweet® Brands that you know, trust and can still purchase, we are offering exciting new, functionally-branded, fully-customizable products. Our new Magna-Branded products feature enhanced efficacy and provide superior all-natural taste solutions to your most challenging formulation issues.

Masks even the most challenging pharmaceutical application flavor issues

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Capture and enhance the magnificent taste and mouthfeel of your products

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Delivers the cleanest-tasting, CBD-containing products

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Provides optimized taste and mouthfeel, in all forms of protein

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Caffeine and all other sources of “bitter” don’t stand a chance

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Supports overall sodium-reduction, by amplifying salty & umami taste

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Reduce sugars, amplify natural tasting sweetness and improve flavor

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Looking for that “MISSING LINK” building block to great taste and/or mouthfeel in “Better-for-You” sugar-reduced and/or functional beverages?
Watch our latest webinar as we discuss market trends in BFY beverages, and reveal our newest generation of Magna-Brands solutions, and demonstrate their effectiveness in creating the perfect BFY beverage!

Introducing Magna-Brands™, Powered By the Science of MagnaSweet®

Watch our latest webinar to review our latest Magna-Branded products and applications that will surely excite your tastes and senses!

Explore the “missing link” in Taste Modulation and the key benefits of the NEW technologically-advanced Magna-Brand products (powered by the magic of MagnaSweet®) that now offer customizable taste solutions for a better building block.
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