The “Heavyweight” Bitter Blocker for the Toughest Bitter Taste Challenges!

Meet our NEW-Next Generation MagnaB-Block™ that eectively masks bitterness from BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), often considered as one of the most challenging bitter ingredients for formulators. Reduces bitterness from other nutraceutical ingredients including DHA & creatine.

  • Balances Sweetness
  • Enhances taste
  • Reduces Bitterness
  • Clean Label

What our customers are saying… “This might be the holy grail of maskers! and believe me, I have worked with a few.” “An amazing, effective bitter blocker!”

Mintel Global Trends: Specialized Nutrition


The specialized nutrition category comprises four sub-categories. Although performance nutrition has the biggest share of launches, infant and maternal nutrition has seen a surge. View our attached PDF for details.

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