Smooth & Creamy Plant-Based Coffee

MagnaMouthFeel™ (Powered by the Science of MagnaSweet®) is our newest product that helps to create a creamy & rich texture often lacking in low/no fat dairy, sugar-free and plant-based products. MagnaMouthfeel™ also enhances flavor for an overall more balanced taste prole!

MagnaMouthFeel™ cold coffee
  • Improves Mouthfeel
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Plant-Based
  • Clean Label

Plant-based yogurts increase their focus on texture, in particular smooth/creamy. To appeal more to consumers, brands should focus on improving the taste and texture of low-fat foods.

The plant-based coffee demo was a success! Ask for a sample of our MagnaMouthFeel™ product to see how this will enhance your food products.

Contact your representative, or visit us @ for samples & view our latest webinars, news, and taste solutions!

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