Mango Beverage Demo 25% Sugar Reduction w/MagnaSweet® SwE-089

MagnaSweet® SwE-089 is the NEXT-GENERATION technologically-advanced sweetness enhancing tool to help formulators reduce sugar and amplify natural-tasting sweetness in a cost-effective way! The Mango Beverage demo resulted in a delicious sweet tasting juice.

sugar reduction mango juice

Magna-Brands™, the leader in Taste Modulation Technology

  • Enhances Sweetness
  • Cost Effective
  • Clean Label
  • Retains Mouthfeel

Sugar Reduction Efforts Increase:

The juice industry has a difficult relationship with sugar…

The juice segment faces the strongest challenge for significant sugar reduction, but new sugar-reduction technologies are helping to pave the way for lower-sugar juice drinks.

42% of US adults say low sugar content would encourage them to try a new juice or juice drink. Over half the juice drinkers in key European markets, say concerns over sugar make them limit the amount of juice they drink.

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