50% Sodium Reduced BBQ Seasoned Chips Demo

This 50% sodium reduction demonstration highlights the capabilities of MagNaBoost™. The choice of BBQ seasoning was due to the sweet
and salty nature of the flavor. SE014 not only boosts the saltiness, but it also amplifies the overall flavor of the chip.

salt reduction in potato chips

MagNaBoost™ (Powered by the Science of MagnaSweet®) allows formulators to eectively reduce sodium content in their products by up to 50%, while maintaining a taste parity of full sodium without the bitter and metallic o-notes notable in potassium chloride and other salt substitutes.

  • Bocks Bitter
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Masks Metallic
  • Clean Label

Sodium and Calories Remain an Achilles Heel in Snacks

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