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Introducing our newest MagnaSweet® SwE-084, which delivers the best-in-class sweetening system in sugar-reduced formulas, while meeting all your formulating and labeling needs. MagnaSweet® is the ideal solution to resolve all the common taste challenges in sugar reduction exercises without sacricing the two most important sensory attributes, taste, and mouthfeel!

  • Enhances Sweetness
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Reduces Bitterness
  • Clean Label

Mintel Trends: Consumers want less sugar in RTD teas


RTD tea has strong potential to star as a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink, but continued sugar reduction remains a key priority, with a quarter (24%) of US adults and three in ve consumers in key European markets saying there should be more tea products with less or no added sugar. Brands are now visibly increasing their eorts in this area, with the average sugar content in global RTD tea launches steadily declining across regions. While shifting away from sugar is a key consumer concern, 100% naturalness is equally in demand. Going forward, the development and reformulation of natural, low/no sugar products that deliver exceptional taste experiences will remain the number one challenge.

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