Cosmetic & Personal Care

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Magna-Brands™ pure licorice derivatives are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products. Magna-Brands™ pure licorice derivatives are particularly well suited to improve desirable flavors or eliminate undesirable flavors in lip products, and to moisturize, soften, and smooth when used in lip and skin products.

Acceptance of Magna-Brands™ pure licorice derivatives in cosmetic and personal care products is clearly evident based upon ingredients disclosures for lip products such as balms, glosses, and color sticks; for skin lotions, creams, and sprays, and for facial and body moisturizing/ cleansing/ exfoliation.

Modulate Sweetness

  • Intensifies sweetness of lip products to allow for the reduction of the primary sweetener

  • Used to round out sweetness profile when used with high intensity sweetener systems

Masking Aftertaste

  • Stops metallic and bitter aftertaste that accompanies high intensity sweeteners

Enhance Flavors

  • Enhances the overall profile of flavors

  • Allows for a reduction in flavoring components used in the application 

Improve Mouthfeel

  • Increases mouthfeel in lip products to simulate a creamy or silky texture

  • Used to compensate for products with a chalky texture