Pet & Animal Feed

Pet & Animal Feed

Magna-Brands™ Products are successfully used in a wide range of animal feed including dog food, cat food and juvenile swine feed. Magna-Brands™ is effective in masking active ingredients that can contribute bitter or unpleasant aftertastes and deter consumption in pets and livestock. The enhanced sweetness from Magna-Brands™ can also improve overall feeding response. 

Modulate Sweetness

  • Intensifies sweetness of animal feed to allow for reduction of primary sweetener

Masking Aftertaste

  • Masks undesirable aftertastes of active ingredients and nutritional additives which can deter animals from feeding

Enhance Flavors

  • Enhances flavor of animal feed to improve feeding response 

Improve Mouthfeel

  • Used to compensate for products with a chalky or rough texture by improving overall mouthfeel