Plant Protein Flavor Modulator

Plant Protein Flavor Modulator based products provide a source of high protein with low calories for consumers. For many palettes, soya has a definitive aftertaste which is not considered desirable. The green, “beanie” note is often a deterrent for products wishing to capitalize on its many positive features. Magna-Brands™ has been successfully used in a wide range of Soya Products including Flavored and Non-Flavored Soya Milk, Soya Nutritional Bars and Soya Frozen Desserts. Magna-Brands™ has a unique ability to mask the green “beanie” note in soya products, leaving a neutral flavor platform for product developers to flavor as they wish. Magna-Brands™ can also improve the mouthfeel of soya products, by simulating a creamy or rich texture commonly found in fatty foods or beverages. Magna-Brands™’s ability to mask aftertastes, intensify sweetness and enhance flavors and mouthfeel makes it a perfect development tool when working with soya products.

Modulate Sweetness

  • Intensifies sweetness of Plant Protein Flavor Modulator products to allow for reduction of primary sweetener
  • Used to round out sweetness profile when used with sweetener systems

Masking Aftertaste

  • Masks background notes such as the green or “beanie” note found in soya to allow for flavoring systems to be better defined

Enhance Flavors

  • Enhances the overall profile of flavors

  • Allows for a reduction in flavoring components used in the application

Improve Mouthfeel

  • Increases mouthfeel in Soya products to simulate a creamy or silky texture

  • Used to compensate for products with a chalky texture