Make a Powerful Taste Impact With Optimized Flavor

Magna-Brands™ Spices and Seasonings Modulator products are successfully used in a wide range of seasoning applications including Dry Soup Mixes, Gravy Mixes, Cheese Powders, Condiments, and Meat Seasonings.

Enhance Flavors with Seasonings Flavor Modulators

Spicy Wings Seasonings Flavor Modulator

Magna-Brands™ can enhance flavors, mask bitter notes, boost saltiness, and balance the sweetness in seasoning products. Magna-Brands™ natural* effects create synergistic benefits when used with your product applications.

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*Depending on the function and/or usage level in the product, and can vary by country

Spices and Seasonings Modulator Checklist:

Magna-Brands™ – Creating Solutions for a Tastier World!

  • Enhance Flavors
    Enhance and optimize overall taste with a well-rounded flavor profile. Increase Saltiness without adding sodium.
  • Improve Mouthfeel
    Imparts a fuller and richer texture.
  • Modulate Sweetness
    Can enhance the sweetness in spicy and savory seasonings to allow for the reduction of primary sweeteners. Used to round out sweetness profile when used with sweetener systems
  • Masking Aftertaste
    Masks excessively acidic and bitter aftertaste.