Enhance and Customize Sports Drink Flavors

Magna-Brands™ Sports Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Flavor Modulators lead the industry in customizable taste and mouthfeel solutions. Our solutions can be custom-developed and modified to address your product’s specific development challenges. Our Sports Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Flavor Modulator products mask aftertastes, eliminate bitterness, intensify and balance sweetness, enhance flavor, and improve mouthfeel.

Magna-Brands™ Products are successfully used in a wide range of sports nutrition including vitamin and mineral-enriched products, nutritional bars, BCAA (branch chain amino acids) enriched products, and plant-based and botanically-enriched foods.

Masking functional foods’ active ingredients, such as proteins, DHA, caffeine, herbs, vitamins or minerals, is a key property of Magna-Brands™. By effectively masking these nutritional supplements and vitamins, product developers work together to improve products with much better flavor profiles for consumers to enjoy.

Enhance Flavors with Sports Nutrition Formulators

Sports Nutrition

Sweetness intensification and prolongation also aid sports nutrition by allowing for sweetener reductions while maintaining a more natural and consistent sweet taste without adding calories or additional carbohydrates.

Magna-Brands™ Sports Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Flavor Modulator will enhance flavors in applications, again allowing for economic benefits by reductions of flavoring components by enhancing and extending flavors.

Enhancing the mouthfeel of certain applications is also possible where active ingredients can sometimes present a chalky or carboard-like texture.

Magna-Brands™ provides a full range of benefits to sports nutrition.

Extensive Experience with Sports Nutrition Flavor Modulation

Magna-Brands™’ Sports Nutrition Flavor Modulator has the ability to mask aftertastes, intensify and balance sweetness, and enhance flavors and mouthfeel making it the perfect development tool for formulators.


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Sports Nutrition and Nutraceuticals Flavor Modulator Checklist:

Magna-Brands™ – Creating Solutions for a Tastier World!

  • Modulate Sweetness
    Intensifies and balances sweetness to allow for reduction of primary sweetener.
    Used to round out sweetness profile when used with sweetener systems.
  • Masking Aftertaste
    Reduces metallic and bitter aftertaste that accompanies high-intensity sweeteners.
    Masks background notes such as proteins or minerals to allow for flavoring systems to be better defined.
  • Enhance Flavors
    Enhances the overall profile of flavors in sports nutrition.
    Allows for a reduction in flavoring components used in the application.
  • Improve Mouthfeel
    Increases mouthfeel and fullness to simulate a creamy or silky texture.
    Used to compensate for products with a chalky texture or reduced fat.